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The world’s first dengue immunization campaign, in the Philippines.



We spend a significant amount of our R&D efforts on vaccines. In 2015, we were thus able to launch Dengvaxia®, the first dengue vaccine. Dengue virus infects 390 million people per year(1).

(1) Source: World Health Organization.
Sanofi Pasteur, our vaccine entity, was the first to commit to research in this field in 1994. As of 2010, the vaccine concept identified by our teams obtained the fast-track review procedure from the American FDA and became the first “candidate vaccine” to begin phase III efficacy trials (the last clinical research phase before market launch). Our production site, based in Neuville-sur-Saône, near Lyon, France, has been up and running since 2014. It has a production capacity of 100 million doses per year as of 2016. The registration of the vaccine in Mexico, followed by Brazil, the Philippines in late 2015 and El Salvador, in 2016, is a historic step. By leveraging our expertise in the field of viruses belonging to the Zika virus (ZIKV) family—with vaccines already licensed against yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis and dengue—as well as setting up industrial installations for Dengvaxia®, we have responded to the global call to action to develop the Zika vaccine. We have since collaborated with scientific and public health experts around the world and in the affected areas to identify a promising vaccine as quickly as possible. To date, there is no vaccine or treatment against the infection caused by the Zika virus.