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This Sanofi 2016 document was designed and produced by the Sanofi Communications Department and the Babel agency.

Printed in France by Stipa. Accessibility: Ipedis.

Photo credits:

Cover:; Inside front cover: Han Lans/GettyImages – Patrick Allard/REA – Rémi Duhamel/Image in Productions; p.2: Marthe Lemelle; p.3: Denis Felix; p.4: Han Lans/GettyImages; p.7: Pierre Olivier/CAPA Pictures; p.8: Kniel Synnatzschke/Plainpicture – BSIP/UIG/GettyImages; p.9: Sanofi Genzyme – Sanofi Pasteur/Gautam Dhimal; p.10: Patrick Allard/REA; p.13: Sanofi Pasteur/Norbert Domy; p.14: William King – Yuri Arcurs/GettyImages; p.15: Sanofi Genzyme – Elektrons 08/Plainpicture; p.16: Rémi Duhamel/Image in Productions; p.19: Cécilia Conan/Image in Productions; p.20: Rémi Duhamel/Image in Productions – Gil Corre; p.21: Rémi Duhamel/Image in Productions - Imageo.