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OLIVIER BRANDICOURT, Chief Executive Officer.

What do you consider as the greatest challenges facing healthcare companies?

The first challenge is our ability to respond to the changing medical landscape. A revolution is underway, driven by advances in genomics, pharmaceuticals, and technology: we are moving from a world in which medicine was used to treat symptoms, to a world in which healthcare professionals can anticipate and even take action before diseases affect patients. This new medical paradigm, which we have been preparing for several years, should improve the lives of thousands of patients. Our second challenge is to develop healthcare in a way that positively impacts as many people as possible. By 2050, there will be 10 billion individuals sharing our planet, and yet today one third of the population lacks access to healthcare. At the same time, longer life expectancy, increases in chronic diseases, and the consequences of climate change are creating new health imperatives. We are continuing our work in prevention and vaccination to address these needs, and we will pursue innovation, as always, to improve the quality of life of patients.

What are your short- and mid-term priorities?

Sanofi’s history attests to the commitment and professionalism of its employees. Today, we are writing a new chapter in this story—the story of a strong, competitive Group with sustained, value-generating growth.

In 2015, we established Sanofi’s strategic roadmap to 2020, with the objective of building a stronger Group over the next five years while reaffirming our commitment to protect health and improve the quality of life of patients worldwide.

This roadmap is founded on four strategic priorities: