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Prevent and protect. Estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that immunization saves three million lives each year. Our vaccines provide a course of action, ensuring better protection against epidemics. Each year, we produce more than a billion doses to vaccinate 500 million people. Our capacity to innovate and our manufacturing expertise make us a valued partner to governments, health authorities, and the WHO. In 2015, we introduced the first vaccine against dengue, for the first time administered in the Philippines in April 2016. Today, armed with this experience and know-how, we are continuing our work in preventing other infectious diseases, such as the Zika virus.

A broad and innovative treatment palette. We have a diverse range of treatments for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and rare diseases, as well as solutions for multiple sclerosis, consumer healthcare, and animal healthcare. Today, we choose to refocus our efforts on human health and are therefore fostering an ambitious innovation policy. This opens doors for us to better tailor our range of expert solutions to patients’ needs. Our business swap with Boehringer Ingelheim should provide the springboard for us to become the world leader in over-the-counter drugs. By restructuring our portfolio, we can boost our effectiveness in fields where healthcare needs remain considerable—such as multiple sclerosis, oncology, and immunology.

Putting patients first. We listen attentively to patients to better understand how they cope with their illnesses, particularly when it comes to chronic diseases. We intend to provide long-term support to make their lives more comfortable and help them consistently comply with their treatment plans. To this end, in addition to our innovative drugs, we work with patients and healthcare professionals to develop advanced treatment solutions for diabetics. Our blood glucose meters are designed to make life easier for patients, and our mobile applications are invaluable tools providing information, monitoring, and support.

6 MAJOR LAUNCHES 2015: Toujeo®, Praluent® and Dengvaxia® Expected by 2020: LixiLan, dupilumab and sarilumab